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The Great British Bake Off 2017, Bake Off is Back!

Bake off is back and regardless of what channel it’s on, plenty of baking has already been done!

Starting in the very familiar territory of cake week, with a very fruity start. As we’ve grown accustomed, we start with our signature this week 1 gave us fruit cakes and Yan did not start off well when she forgot to turn on her oven.

Barring a few mistakes in this challenge, the standard appears to be very high as Paul gave out two handshakes, first to Steven and then to Sophie, maybe his Channel 4 pay packet has made him less grumpy!

On rolled the technical with the bakers tasked to make mini rolls and despite Liam getting his chocolate a bit wrong and some swirls looking more like circles, the field was still pretty close together which meant it all came down the show stopper.

Steven impressed again with a cake that looked exactly like a sandwich! Peter however had a bit of a poor performance in this round and it sealed his fate as the first baker to leave the tent this year. Star baker, deservedly went to Steven though after are really solid few bakes and a cracking, show stopping bake.

The second week came almost as quickly as the first and we were greeted with Biscuit week and I wonder if Steven’s show stopper was still in the judges minds when they decided that the signature challenge was biscuit sandwiches!

I think a lot of bakers saw this challenge as an ode to Mary with particularly boozy bakes with 5 different types of alcohol entering the tent. Yan missed the mark with her sandwich trying something a little bit different but not quite pulling it off and Stacey did her best to try and sabotage Paul’s beard with a lovely glittery marshmallow fluff inspired bake.

Unlike last week the technical absolutely separated the bakers with Yan acing the fortune cookie challenge whilst Liam’s raw cookie wasn’t a hit with the judges. Some bakers also made better fortune writers than others, we saw ‘Today you will poo mostly candyfloss’ from Sophie and Julia ended up repeating hers, thankfully the fortunes weren’t judged though.

The show stopper this week was an interesting one, a board game made of biscuits was the task. Liam had a fairly simple looking bake, but it tasted great and looked like it was fun to play as he managed to beat Paul at a game of noughts and crosses.

Chris managed to make a cool, working compass as a spinner for his game but his biscuits were very overcooked putting him in danger of leaving the tent. Steven, again, produced magic for the showstopper with a chess game with incredible miniature bakes on top of the pieces and it managed to bag him star baker again!

Steven clearly likes a good showstopper challenge although he’s only placed 6th in both technicals so far, a weakness maybe? With Sophie being very consistent across the competition so far she may well be destined for next week’s star baker spot.

The baker to go home this week was very close run, Liam and Flo managed to scrape through but Chris left us! On the balance, a fair decision as he looks like he’s struggled with biscuits.

Next week is bread week, who do you think will be making us so doughy delights or failing to prove themselves under pressure!

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Great British Bake Off Final 2016

Its hard to think that next week bake off will be off our televisions for another year, after all it’s only just came back!

To make up for it though, the Great British Bake Off final is upon us in an incredible climax to the series! Will Candice the showstopper queen take the crown, or will it be Miss Consistent Jane or will Andrew continue his amazing run of form?

The final signature bake is a meringue crown, the judges are looking for a crown with at least three tiers and as always, a great bake and taste.

Andrew managed create a great meringue I his crown based bake but his praline was over powering. Candice, as always, went above and beyond the brief and really pulled it off earning herself a Paul Hollywood handshake. Jane kept her bake simple but made it so well that she managed to get a Paul Hollywood double handshake! Two in one challenge must be a record!

The technical is a Victoria Sandwich, the bake needs to be light and airy, but most importantly delicious! After being the only baker not took get a handshake last round, Andrew had a great technical bake and took first. Candice managed to secure second with some issues with the consistency of her jam and Jane came a very close third place with a bake which also lacked a great jam.

The final challenge of the series is a big one! The bakers have to create 49 picnic treats, these are a chocolate cake, 12 sausage rolls, 12 scones, 12 quiches and 12 tarts.

Jane’s sausage roll was underbaked but her tart was great! Her scone didn’t taste of the butternut squash she used in it. She also took the risk of trying to add a chocolate collar which she was unable to do in a previous bake which unfortunately didn’t pay off.

Much like Jane, Andrew’s sausage roll was underbaked and his scone wasn’t vary flavoursome, his quiche looked great and tasted it too but his tarts had a soggy bottom. His cake on the other hand was another great bake!

Candice made pig shaped sausage rolls with a great pastry an interesting flavour, her quiche had a great balance in its flavours but her scones weren’t as good and the olives over powered the cheese in it. Candice’s tarts were slightly overbaked but still boasted great flavour and her chocolate cake looks and tasted really good too!

After an incredible 10 weeks of baking and a very tense final, the baker who emerges victorious is Candice!

Her showstoppers throughout the show have been fantastic and she kept going above and beyond to create great bakes. The runners up this year were both so close to the win after such a close final and incredible series.

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Patisserie week Savarin techicnical Great British Bake Off 2016!

The semi-finals are upon us and with only 4 bakers left who will step it up to win the title for this season of bake-off? This week sees the remaining Great British Bale Off stars test their French skills in Patisserie week!

The first challenge this week is a puff pastry challenge to send the most experienced baker’s legs to jelly, palmiers are small puff pastry treats which can be sweet or savoury and delicately baked.

The bakers need to focus on getting a tasty filling in their palmier but also avoiding making their bake too wet from the filling itself. The remaining contestants have to bake 12 of 2 different flavours and shaped of palmier tasting great and looking uniform, who managed to step up to the challenge?

Unfortunately Jane’s palmiers were underbaked and her fillings were a bit too oily meaning her bakes were a little bit too soft! Candice’s bakes had exceptional flavour and were well baked but her caramelised onion flavoured palmier had too much filling and lost the traditional look which it should have had. Selasi left it too late getting his bakes into the oven and unfortunately this meant his pastries were underbaked and soft. Andrew, even though his first pastry didn’t work and needed to be redone, finished the bake on time and produced a great set of palmier with great flavour, salvaging a great bake from a very shaky start.

The technical challenge for the semifinal is a Savarin, a type of yeasted cake with orange liquor used to keep the texture moist. This challenge is about getting great flavour, texture and an exquisite presentation to really earn their place in the final 3. Candice’s cake was overbaked but her presentation was good, placing her 3rd. Andrew’s cake was underprooved but still looked great placing him second. Selasi had a poor presentation on his cake and overbaked it leaving him 4th and Jane’s looked great and was well baked meaning she took first this week.

The final bake to secure a position in the final of GBBO series 7 are fondant fancies. The bakers need to make 18 of two different flavours. The semi-finalists need to concentrate on a glossy bakes with very perfectly straight sides on them and a delicate Genoese sponge, no easy feat. Candice’s filled fancies look okay but, tasted great and her surprise filling really worked. Selasi worked incredibly hard to finish his showstopper on time after deciding to redo his sponge, his fancies were a bit too small though and the flavour was a bit too sweet for the judges liking. Jane didn’t do a crumb coat on her Genoese and this meant her presentation didn’t look as good as it should do but the flavour was good. Andrew’s fondant fancies looked fantastic and had great flavours to carry on his good form from the last couple of weeks!

At the end of patisserie week, we have to say goodbye to a very unfortunate baker who doesn’t make it into the final of next week and give one baker the morale boost going into the final as they will be the star baker!

The star baker this week, after a fantastic few weeks is Andrew with some great bakes. Unfortunately though, the cool, calm and collected Selasi was the baker who missed out making it into the series final.

Next week will be the toughest challenge yet or the final three of Jane, Andrew and Candice, who will take this year’s crown?

Bring out your Pie molds it’s Tudor week on Bake Off 2016!

Bake Off’s back again and after an enthralling dessert week which saw Tom leave the tent, we take a trip back in time to Tudor week!

Much like Botanical week a couple of weeks ago this is a brand new theme for the tent! In case this wasn’t enough pressure from the bakers The weekend as always, kicks off with the signature challenge which requires the bakers to create shaped pies, creating a large arrangement from individual shaped pies.

These savoury pies need to be able to hold their shape and show off their flavouring and design skills. Several Alan Silverwood’s Individual Pie Sets were visible in the tent as the challenge progressed !

Jane managed this with a superbly flavoured set of pies, which held their shape fantastically when cut through! Benjamina struggled on time causing her pastry to be underbaked, despite great flavour much like Candice who bit off more than she can chew by making two types of pies! Selasi’s flavours were good but a thick crust let him down! Andrews pies were an engineering masterpiece and had great flavour as well, maybe he’s found a run of form at the right time!


The technical this week is jumbles! The two biscuits require a difficult shape to be formed, a knot ball and a Celtic knot.

Selasi had trouble initially with his pattern meaning he had a problem finishing his bake on time. Benjamina also had a problem with her patterns and Andrew didn’t quite have the colour he needed but still had a good bake. Candice had a fantastic bake however and came first in the technical, Jane on the other hand struggled with the bake and her pale biscuits put her at the bottom of the pile.

The showstopper for this week is an entirely edible marzipan showstopper, a bake in which the judges are looking for incredible detail and for traditional style, a bake fit for a King!

Jane managed to produce a fantastic bake, with incredible detail in the bake and a fantastic sponge. Andrew’s presentation was a bit messy but the overall texture of the bake was good. Benjamina’s cake was very doughy and her bake expanded a bit too much in the oven meaning her maze wasn’t quite a maze! Candice, as she likes does so often went above and beyond the call of duty in her showstopper producing a peacock piñata cake of incredible detail and finally Selasi produced a bake which had a little bit of a plain bake leaving him at risk of getting sent home!

After an incredible week of traditional baking, with pies biscuits and an incredible amount of marzipan, we saw Candice take the accolades of star baker this week! Benjamina was the baker to go home this week, it turns out that Tudor week just wasn’t her week!

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Semi-final week approaches and with just 4 left who will get the crown?

Botanical week! A Great British Bake Off first!

With numbers in the tent dwindling, what was once a tent packed full of bakers in now feeling a little bit more…empty. Whilst that does mean a lot of people have left, it also means that only the best bakers should be left in the tent, so surely the remaining bakers should be able to handle a brand new (but slightly weird?) theme!

Botanical week kicks off with citrus meringue pie, a true balancing act with the texture of the meringue and crust as well as the flavours of sweet an sour. Whilst there weren’t any catastrophic failures, Rav’s wet meringue struggled to hold its structure and Tom’s flavour wasn’t quite up to scratch. Andrew and Jane on the other hand both managed to produce some great flavour in their signature bake.

This week’s technical, set by Paul, was the French classic, herb fougasse (which we think may well have been a very cheeky way of having another bread bake!). This technical challenges the bakers to create a delicious herbed bread shaped into a large leaf. An important part of this bake for the remaining bakers is deciding how to prove their bakes. Breaking Rav’s losing streak, Selasi’s underbaked effort was adjudged the worst bake by the judges, Tom on the other hand had a perfect bake and Benjamina’s was almost as good!


The weekends showstopper is a floral cake with three tiers! It’s not often we see flowers in our cakes in the tent and these showstoppers require a balanced flavour and a light texture. Andrew’s bake wasn’t up to scratch, with slack mixture and a poor bake. Rav’s bake was too basic and left a lot to be desired. Jane also had an uncharacteristically poor showstopper with poor bake and decoration. Selasi’s bake was nigh on perfect, with all three layers baked well and decorated even better! Similarly, Tom had a well decorated and flavoured bake.


Unfortunately, despite no glaring errors during his weekend Rav ended up leaving this week in what was probably the closest week in bake-off, certainly as early as week six! On the other side of the table, Tom managed to pull out all the stops for his showstopper and technical after a poor signature bake to fight his way to the star baker title! The remaining bakers now have dessert week to look forward to!

Great British Bake Off 2016 Pastry week !

With batter week behind us, bake off travels onwards to pastry week!

Pastry is used in baking in so many ways across the world and our signature challenge this week focuses on Danish pastries!

The task being to produce two types of Danish pastries and make twelve of both of them, a nice puff with a couple of great flavour combinations are what the judges are looking for. Puff pastry is a big challenge and really tough to get right! It’s all folds and turns and folds and turns over and over (I’d forgive them for bringing in shop brought pastry this week).

Tom, coming off the back of a bad week, seems to have continued his poor run of form and produced a dry breakfast themed bake and a raw one too!

Rav made a mistake in only making 11 of one of his bakes but made up for it in his flavours! Last weeks star baker got off to a poor start this week as Benjamina’s underprooved bake was raw and lost the butter from the inside.

This weeks technical is an absolute classic, Bakewell tart. The judges want no soggy bottoms, a nice thin pastry a good layer of frangipane and a beautiful decorative icing.

Andrew had an absolute nightmare this challenge as he spent quarter of an hour with his oven off! This meant he wasn’t able to finish his Bakewell and consequently came 6th of the 8 bakers.

Rav, for a third week running, managed to finish bottom of the pile in the technical and it clearly needs to be something he works on for next week of he gets through!

Jane has managed another great technical and earned herself a first place!

Pastry week’s showstopper this week is 48 filo pastry amuse-bouche, half sweet and half savoury! What are amuse-bouche? They are small bite-size delicacies which literally, and quite aptly, translate to mouth amusers.

Tom managed to split the judges this week, with Mary enjoy the flavours and Paul not so much, they did both agree it was too big to be an amuse-bouche leaving him at risk of not coming back; this happened to be a bit of a theme with both Jane and Val making their bakes too big, and Val only making 6 because the rest were not done!

Candice and Rav had an absolutely great showstopper both wowing the judges with their bakes.

With a consistent showing throughout the week and a fantastic showstopper Candice ended up taking the accolades for pastry week.

Unfortunately Val’s fate wasn’t quite as good as Candice’s and struggling with her pastries, she ended up having to leave this week. Next week we can’t wait to see what bake off will bring us in a new week for the show, botanical week!

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The Great British Bake off Bread Week 2016

Which name do you think of first when someone says bread?

It may well be Paul Hollywood. This week’s signature bake is chocolate bread and the combination of chocolate and bread is often enough to scare a skilled baker, but doing it under the watchful gaze of Mr Hollywood adds an extra level of pressure to this week.

As the breads emerged from the oven there were mixed emotions, amongst the relief and joy etched on some faces, there was some despair, especially for Candice whose hopes fell apart along with her bread as she got it out of the mould, her ambitious bake was too big and ended up under baked. Val followed suit and also left her bread slightly under baked as Andrew’s flavours wowed the judges. Rav, much like Andrew managed to impress the judges with his flavours and with an interesting bake!

A bake-off first in the tent, dampfnudel is a sweet German roll which are steamed and not cooked in the way most bread is. This is a particularly nasty technical challenge as the process would have been completely different to what the bakers have done before and the challenge to cook the dough, give it the right texture and also give the rolls a nice brown bottom proved far too much for the majority of the bakers!

Last this challenge was Rav after his good bake in the signature bake he will be disappointed but with everyone struggling as much as they did it may not be as big a problem as most technicals. At the top end, Andrew produced another good bake to scrape a second but Val, who has been at risk of leaving the tent these first two weeks, managed to clinch first! Paul did say they were still a million miles away from his dampfnudel, but a first is still a first!

This weeks showstopper was to make bread plaits with three different types of bread, the difficulty being that doughs using different flours will rise at different rates. After a great technical challenge, Val went a bit overboard with her bake for the showstopper and ended up with partially raw dough with such a large bake. Tom’s experimental Thor themed bake had great flavour according to the judges who loved his seaweed and lava flavoured plaits.Michael’s plait wasn’t up to the standards of Tom’s however with his accompanying alcohol also failing to impress the judges, he was left at risk of not making it into the next week. Kate, after having a couple of mediocre bakes in the first two rounds absolutely nailed her showstopper and the bread king himself called the bake gorgeous. Last week’s star baker has had a shaky week and this continued in the showstopper round.

This was a tough week for all the bakers and very few ended up safe from leaving the tent, one of those however were Tom who managed to clinch star baker after shocking the judges with Thor’s hammer at the end of his best week yet! Unfortunately Michael had a week that was particularly poor when his Cypriot plait fell flat.

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Up next is batter week and we sure cant wait to see some of the Yorkshire puds that the bakers manage to whip up !



The Great British Bake Off, Series 7 Biscuit Week

Almost as soon as The Great British Bake-off comes back, week two is upon us and this week we are in for a treat, it’s biscuit week! The tent was full to the brim with biscuits to begin the weekend’s baking with 289 (including Rav’s extra biscuit, Candice’s extra 24 biscuits and even the sheep biscuits that decided to graze on the lush tent carpet) iced biscuits for the judges to get their hands into. The omens this week were not good for Louise after dropping some of her biscuits on the floor and last weeks star baker, Jane wasn’t able to keep up with the pace of the tent this week and ultimately wasn’t able to fill in her flowerpot biscuits in time! Candice produced double the required amount of biscuits which, whilst not perfectly uniform, tasted great but the definite winner from this round was Tom, who managed to produce 12 tasty coffee flavored biscuits.

Ever been offered a Viennese disk? No? Well if you were standing by the bake-off tent this week you may just have been! This technical managed to prove tricky most of the Bakers with only Kate, Jane and Benjamina really looking like whirls. Michael looked devastated with his flat whirls and Selasi looked cool, calm and collected as his whirls came out the oven. Something he managed to do even when finding out he came last in this technical challenge, can anything waver him?


Paul will huff, and he’ll puff, and he’ll blow your (gingerbread) house down. Unfortunately for Louise her church was indeed blown down, however I’m not entirely sure it was Paul’s fault and in fact an issue with the structural integrity of the bake. Louise however, was not the only one with a bit of a collapse as Val’s Empire State themed bake ended up, in part, on the floor and combined with her poor results from the rest of the weeks bakes put her in jeopardy of leaving the tent. At the other end of the scale, Michael’s Santa’s Grotto did look like it was a child’s work but tasted so good it more than made up for it. Candice though, managed to pull off a phenomenal bake with incredible attention to detail with even a pool table and sticky floor to recreate the family pub.


With the fantastic final bake, drinks may be on her tonight as Candice manage to clinch the title of star baker with a very solid week. Louise on the other hand will be a little disappointed that her stay in the tent ended as quickly as it did as with only a few mistakes proving very costly at the end of this week.

Roll on week three, bread week where Paul will be even more stern than usual given it’s his best area.

Patisserie week Great British Bake Off

After a long 7 days since Mat’s departure, patisserie week rolls around to the tent. Where

”’Signal the  Cream Horn”

Tamal using puff pastry had a stunning bake continuing his good form from last week with a great combination of flavours

Ian on the other hand, made rough puff with his boozy bake, possibly to pander to Mary? An underbaked pastry left much to be desired however and even Berry herself wasn’t a fan

Nadiya using rose was a risk that pulled through and produced a cream horn with fantastic flavour

Flora baked with revolutionary flavours as always but a leaky horn and poor puff left her vulnerable after the first bake

Paul, again stunning with an incredible bake visually as we have came to expect however missing the mark on flavour unfortunately put him in a bad position after the first bake

The technical challenge was Mochatines, which really did prove to be a challenge this week; a Genoese sponge flavoured with coffee and decorated beautifully which left all of the bakers a little hot under the collar with their presentations

A race to the finish meant the finish was poor but Tamals Genoese was baked well. Ian’s good sponge and filling, the core aspects of the bake, were well executed but it looked a little sloppy

Nadiya, having spied the product in Mary’s cookbook already, had a good idea of what she was baking and came a clear first. After her previous problems with technicals having been shaken off, they are proving to become her forté. Poor presentation left Flora middle of the pack in this challenge

Paul – After struggling with the sponge and taking it out of the oven raw, a second batch had to be rushed out and whilst cooked there was still minimal rise on the bake and an icing which wouldn’t set in the freeze

A bake which required perfect chioux pastry paired with architectural brilliance meant this weeks showstopper really had to live up to its name

Producing a fantastic bake meant, despite his weekends poor beginning Tamal brought himself to certain safety and towards the top of the bunch. Ian used his knowledge of structures to try and reinforce his pastry by corrugating his eclair, meaning his creation was left freestanding. Using an unusual flavour to stand out in the showstopper, Nadiya makes her chioux structure bubblegum flavoured! The risk was unfortunately miscalculated though and her flavours left much to be desired. To make sure her showstopper looked the piece Flora used a Spirit level to make sure the bake was as neat as possible, however she ended up hedging her bets and taking her top layer away from the bottom to avoid collapse and unfortunately her flavours were not strong enough at all! An under pressure Paul returns to the banana flavour despite it being his downfall in the signature, trying to rectify his lack of flavour he makes sure this time the bake packs a punch! The taste was good but the structure was poor and left them collapsed

Unfortunately the level of baking this week ultimately led to Paul’s demise, with Flora narrowly missing the drop! And despite her slightly poorer showstopper Nadiya managed to bag star baker the second week on the trot! Can she match Ian’s 3 consecutive haul? Has she timed her rise to the top of the ranks perfectly?

Bake On!

The Great British Bake Off series 6 heading towards the quarter-final

Once again  Gourmet Cookware  has been following the Great British Bake Off, now in it’s  6th series which has it’s own really useful wikipedia page if you want a reminder of the action so far !

As the competition heats up heading towards the quarter-final we enter Victorian week on the Bake-off, a time of progression in the country as well as baking, where the higher classes would do what they could to make their baking distinguish themselves from those below them in the class system. Thankfully times have changed and all types of baking are far more accessible, but big, audacious bakes like a Charlotte Russe or Game Pie can still be on the menu in the bake-off tent.

In this week’s signature bake the bakers were asked to bake a game pie, with a thin hot water crust pastry and a rich game meat inside with elaborate decorations, whilst early baking high flyer Ian did well with his filling, his thick pie walls and lack of decoration let him down, on the other hand Mat, with dangerous Dave’s Mum’s Victorian pie mould made a pie with an incredible traditional Victorian style but lacked slightly in his flavors. Tamal brought to the tent a pie with some stunning spice and flavour putting a twist on a traditional dish, impressing the judges and even earning a handshake from Hollywood himself!


This weeks technical was essentially a fruit cake with a tennis court diorama on top, simple? Nope, the bake proved tricky combining several fiddly elements and Mat really struggled in this one, his cake was raw,  and in a moment of madness he decided to bake his icing and not chill it! Only one baker actually managed to serve an ace for the technical with a standing net and this was Nadiya with a faultless technical for the second week running with Paul only falling short by half a net!


The brief this week for the final bake was a Charlotte Russe, a delicately balanced and layered dessert requiring layers of jelly and bavarois incased in ladies fingers! After such a good technical and fantastic presentation, with Victorian stylised fruit carvings Paul was on course for an amazing Showstopper except there was a drastic jelly mistake which meant that instead of wobbling it splurged out of the cake as soon as it was cut! Rounding off a poor week for Mat, whilst having a good tasting desert, the presentation was poor and his lady fingers split rather unfortunately. Tamal on the other hand pulled off something which seems to break the laws of Physics, managing to support his entire dessert using just jelly which capped off what was a sublime weekend from the young nurse.

Our valiant vol-au-vent hero Mat is most certainly more of a 1970’s man than a 1900’s man succumbing to a style of baking which is probably quite alien to most modern bakers, whilst Tamal flourished, pulling off an extraordinary bake with clinical decision which truly stopped the show!


Once again plenty of our best selling   Alan Silverwood Multisize Cake Tin were put to good use, but i’m afraid we can’t offer you dangerous Dave’s Mum’s Victorian pie mould!




We can hardly wait for  Episode 8 which  Patisserie  week.

Bake on!